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NIR Analyzer

Product Image (BS series)

Beat Sensor series

NIR analyzer with real-time monitoring capability. There are two types of wavelength (640-1050nm/900-1700nm) and two types of shape (Optical fiber use/ Direct irradiation and reflection), total four models. Wide measurement field, High-speed measurement, Enclosed structure, Long-life lamp, Calibration curves linked to channels, LAN compatible, Triggering capability, Calibration curve preparation software bundled.

Product Image (KB-270)

NIR Composition Analyzer

Price: 1980000 JPY (Â¥)

This unit is a filter spectroscopy reflection type composition analyzer applying the near-infrared spectroscopy technology. It uses the filter of six wavelengths and one wavenumber for common reference available for various composition measurements. It measures the near-infraredabsorption of six wavelengths of the measuring object, and converts the obtained data to the composition. The multiple compositions (four compositions) can be measured. You can create a calibration curve with the included PC software. Up to 50 applications can be saved in the main unit, and 4 components can be registered for each application. You can measure organic components such as water, protein, fat, and sugar.

Product Image (KB-30)

NIR In-line moisture analyzer KB-30

Non-Destructive! Non-Contact! Instant! Ideal unit for moisture process control. Temperature compensated. Strong in measurement distance variation. Wide application. Safety & hygienic.


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