NIR Analyzer

We are highly engaged in providing the wide range of NIR Analyzer which can be utilized for quantitative, qualitative, and process control. These analyzers can tell you how much moisture, protein, fat, and carbs are in your food. In the food and beverage and agriculture industries, near-infrared measurement is a popular and low-cost alternative to chemical analysis. Currently, NIR Analyzer are available in few varieties such as Beat Sensor series, NIR Composition Analyzer, and NIR In-line moisture analyzer KB-30. They are very easy to use and simple to handle. These analyzers are very cost effective and can be easily purchased by people, at nominal pricing, in bulk quantities. 
Product Image (BS series)

Beat Sensor series

NIR analyzer with real-time monitoring capability. There are two types of wavelength (640-1050nm/900-1700nm) and two types of shape (Optical fiber use/ Direct irradiation and reflection), total four models. Wide measurement field, High-speed measurement, Enclosed structure, Long-life lamp, Calibration curves linked to channels, LAN compatible, Triggering capability, Calibration curve preparation software bundled.

Product Image (KB-270)

NIR Composition Analyzer

Price: 1980000 JPY ()

This unit is a filter spectroscopy reflection type composition analyzer applying the near-infrared spectroscopy technology. It uses the filter of six wavelengths and one wavenumber for common reference available for various composition measurements. It measures the near-infraredabsorption of six wavelengths of the measuring object, and converts the obtained data to the composition. The multiple compositions (four compositions) can be measured. You can create a calibration curve with the included PC software. Up to 50 applications can be saved in the main unit, and 4 components can be registered for each application. You can measure organic components such as water, protein, fat, and sugar.

Product Image (KB-30)

NIR In-line moisture analyzer KB-30

Non-Destructive! Non-Contact! Instant! Ideal unit for moisture process control. Temperature compensated. Strong in measurement distance variation. Wide application. Safety & hygienic.


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